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Lug 27

Fuji Rock Festival 2012

Con トンチ, ホウリベ ルウ e altri 157 artisti . Sede: Naeba Ski Resort


Venerdì 27 Luglio 2012Domenica 29 Luglio 2012


Naeba Ski Resort
新潟県南魚沼郡湯沢町三国202, Japan

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July 27 (Fri), 28(Sat), 29(Sun), 2012
Naeba Skii Resort, Niigata, Japan

Priority ticketing for all ticket types incuding 1 Day Tickets go on sale starting at 10:00 AM March 3rd (Sat)!

Tickets on sale for a special price during priority ticketing this year!

Those who missed out on the Early Bird lottery, those who wish to purchase Moon Caravan or other tickets not available during Early Bird ticketing, take advantage of this special offer during priority ticketing!
(Sales of all ticket types to end when sold out.)

Priority Ticketing

Lawson (Available via the Internet or at Lawson stores)(Japanese language only)
http://l-tike.com/frf2012/ *Tickets incuding Parking available via the internet only

E-Plus (Available via the internet or at FamilyMart stores)(Japanese language only)
http://eplus.jp/frf/*Tickets incuding Parking available via the internet only

Gan-Ban (Available via the internet or at Gan-Ban stores)

Available Ticket Types:

Advance - Mar. 3rd (Sat) to May 18th (Fri)
3-days ¥39,800
1-day ¥16,800

3-days ¥42,800
1-day ¥17,800


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