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Ago 30

Outlook Festival 2012

Con Addison Groove, Akala e altri 72 artisti . Sede: Fort Punta Christo


Giovedì 30 Agosto 2012Domenica 2 Settembre 2012


Fort Punta Christo
Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia

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"Quite Simply, it's the best bass-centric festival on the planet at the moment" - Resident Advisor


Well, Outlook 2011 is now well and truly done & dusted (Cough splutter). . . . Where do we start? We'd like to thank everyone who worked, partied and performed at this years event. What a year Outlook 2011 was? We're now in our fourth year and we've really started to mature as a festival. Over 600 acts across 13 different arenas, 24 boat parties, 10,000 wonderful festival goers and a better set of sound systems than you will find at any other festival of our size in the world.

We had a few growing problems this year which we are keen to iron out for 2012, but we're certain that next year will be even better than this years was.

We're not going to grow next year, we're going to concentrate on making everything better than it was this year, we know exactly what needs improving for next year and we have taken all constructive feedback on board. Thank you to those people who took time to give us their feedback.

Following a couple of weeks of recuperation in the misty hills of north wales, wearing Yak's wool and listening to nothing but Pan Pipe Moods, Enya and Deep Forest we are just about ready to start another marathon towards the worlds biggest onslaught of bass music. Outlook 2012 will come around faster than you think.

We're just starting to put our wish list of artists together for 2012 and we can guarantee that next year will have the same depth and pedigree of artists that made this years festival the most exciting line-up on the planet for any bass music enthusiast.

Early Bird Tickets for Outlook 2012 are on sale this weekend, you can find more news relating to this below.

You can also see below all the photo galleries we have as well as links to some of the press we have been receiving since we left Croatia.

More news soon cometh, love and happiness from the Outlook Crew.

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