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Giovedì 6 Ottobre 2011Sabato 8 Ottobre 2011


695 North Ave N.E., Atlanta, 30308, United States

Tel: 404-577-8178


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Now in its 7th year, the A3C Hip Hop Festival features live performances from almost 200 of Hip Hop's most talented and elite artists.Through the support of our fans, the A3C has grown into the largest Hip Hop Festival in the Southeastern United States, drawing almost 20,000 over 3-days.

In addition to live music performances, the A3C also features graphic art, fashion, film, producer showcases, pro audio demonstrations and music industry panels. The 3-day festival is the gathering place for those that create Hip Hop music including MCs, DJs and producers as well as those that participate in and love the culture.

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