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Mar 6

illumiNaughty 3rd Birthday ~the experiment~

Con Krome Angels, Deedrah e altri 3 artisti . Sede: The Ritz


Venerdì 6 Marzo 2009 alle 22:00


The Ritz
Whitworth Street West, Manchester, M1 5NQ, United Kingdom

Tel: 0161 236 3234


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Forbidden Jungle presents…
illumiNaughty Chapter XV
~the experiment~
6 March 2009

Blasting our way into 2009, the illumiNaughty tribe are back with a birthday celebration which once again pushes the boundaries of music, art and performance like never before!

To celebrate these fantabulous three years of parties, mischief and adventure we would like to present you with something extra special, something not witnessed before in this country:

Introducing, for the first time in the UK, KROME ANGELS www.myspace.com/kromeangels, a collaborative project from three of the World’s leading psytrance producers, Dino Psaras, Deedrah and Shanti Matkin. Taking the genre to new realms encompassing breakbeat, techno, house, electro and everything in between – this trio are true pioneers, soon to storm the globe with their first release of ‘Modern Day Classics’!!

Since we have these three masters of psytrance present, you will also witness them individually....

Deedrah www.myspace.com/deedrah

Shanti www.myspace.com/shantimatkin

Dino Psaras www.myspace.com/dinopsarasmusic

Joining the stage for Chapter XV ‘the experiment’ will be DEJAVOO www.myspace.com/devavoo303who will be presenting us with material from their much anticipated second album!! Considered one of the freshest acts of the moment they’ve been causing explosions on the global psytrance scene with their huge dancefloor killers!!!

All this will be set in the grandest and grooviest carnival to date with a huge selection of mad and mischievous performers, pyrotechnics, breath-taking lights and lasers, brand new decor & 3-d installations and of course the goblins!!

Part I: 10pm to 5am at the Ritz Ballroom

KROME ANGELS (Boa Group Ltd)
DEJAVOO (Transient Records)
Dino Psaras
Shanti Matkin

Ultra Violet Violence
More 'purveyors of mischief' tbc

Décor and Lighting
Décor by illumiNaughty
Lighting by Monkey Puzzle Design

Part II: 5am to 10am at Happiness

£12 adv for Pt I / £15 adv for Pts I & II
Manchester: Dr Hermans, Gaffs Fallowfield, Videoscene (Chorlton-Withington)
Leeds: Crash Records
Liverpool: Dr Hermans
Sheffield: Jacks Records

Over 18s only/ Bring ID
Guestlist ends at 1:00


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