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Giu 29

XXL (Xiu Xiu + Larsen) + ZEA (of the Ex)

Con XXL, Larsen e altri 2 artisti . Sede: Marie-Antoinette


Venerdì 29 Giugno 2012 alle 21:00


Holzmarktstr. 15-18, Berlin, 10179, Germany


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XXL (Exuberant Experimental Sounds/US,IT)
XXL is the combined project of James Stewart's mutated-pop project
Xiu Xiu and the Italian experimental cult band Larsen. Both groups
consider their joint creative clash as a new band in itself more than
just an occasional collaboration. Presently, they’ve released two
albums together; “¡Ciaütistico!” in 2005. and “¿Spicchiology?” in
2007. Edited out of long and intense jam sessions the sound of both
albums is totally schizophrenic, swinging between orchestrated pop
songs, almost-techno beats and minimalistic droning tracks, but framed
into a common melancholic mood and fronted by the inimitable James
Stewart. Glockenspiel, synth, accordion, and theremin all remind you
that Xiu Xiu are present, but their usual glaring, forward sound is
burnished by a gentle Mediterranean pace. Their upcoming record DÜDE will be published worldwide on Tin Angel Records (UK).
„A collaboration that's hard to envision and one hundred times more
successful then your imagination“ - Jackpot Records
Presented by ByteFM //

Lineup (4)

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