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Mag 23

Agents of Karma live @ Wicked Willy's

Con Agents of Karma. Sede: Wicked Willy's


Mercoledì 23 Maggio 2012 alle 20:00


Wicked Willy's
149 Bleecker Street, New York,NY, 10012, United States

Tel: 1 (212) 254-8592


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Agents of Karma returns to spread their brand of original good karmic rock at Wicked Willy's, on Wednesday May 23rd, going on at 8 PM. Great place to unwind after a long productive day at work. The vibe in Willy's is laid back and casual. Often there are drink specials and sometimes roving ladies with Jello shots. It's close to public transportation, on Bleecker St. in the heart of the Village. Peace Out, Agents of Karma.Agents of KarmaShockra

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