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Gaggle (Album Launch)

Con Gaggle. Sede: Village Underground


Mercoledì 4 Luglio 2012 alle 19:30


Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane, London, EC2A 3PQ, United Kingdom

Tel: +44.(0)20 7422 7505


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Rockfeedback presents:


‘From the Mouth of the Cave’ will be released on June 4th through Transgressive Records. Written by chief Gaggle Deborah Coughlin and Simon Dempsey, the record is a thrilling and unique debut. Flitting between genres, it is sometimes sonorous and other times abrasive, but always at the centre is that fascinating instrument of the choir, pushing themselves to their collective and individual limits as Deborah plays them.

Above clangourous ambient noise and organ chords, the album opens with siren voices inviting us to “Come with me”, on the journey Deborah and the girls have taken together. The album tells us their stories: about trying to be powerful in a group (on forthcoming single ‘Army of Birds’), about being alienated (‘Lullaby’), about economics (‘The Power of Money’), about leaving things that aren’t good for you (‘From the Mouth of the Cave’).

The record is ultimately, “about being honest about things from a female perspective – because they happen to be written by a woman and sung by women.” Gaggle is not an act of positive discrimination nor simply a feminist collective. It’s not even a cohesive unit – except in that moment of performance, where it’s an army in uniform.
Tickets for this show are priced at £10 and are on sale now from the following links:



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