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Mag 4

10:10 w/ Junior Jack & Kid Creme

Con Junior Jack e Kid Creme. Sede: Egg


Venerdì 4 Maggio 2012 alle 22:00


200 York Way, London, N7 9AP, United Kingdom

Tel: 0872 148 2733


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Junior Jack, otherwise known as Vito Lucente, was born in Italy but has been residing in Brussels ever since his parents moved to Belgium when he was a teenager.

Vito soon caught the house virus and in the early 90's he started to release tracks under different names including Kafé (‘Can You See It'), Hugh K (‘Shine On') and Mr. Jack (‘Only House Music'). In the same period he also launched his own label Noisetraxx to which DJ's and producers like Roger Sanchez, Mouse T, Erick Morillo and Robbie Rivera contributed their remixing skills.
His first recorded success under the name of Junior Jack was with the single "My Feeling" on PIAS recordings in 2000 which entered all the national charts in Europe, the US and Australia. It was also the first time a Benelux based producer reached the top spot of the European dance charts.
Junior Jack was on the map but it was the next release which proved to be a milestone in his career. The classic bass-line monster "Thrill Me' was released in February 2002 and made a huge impact on dance floors across the world. Whilst being a commercial success, it also showed Vito's commitment to the underground house sound at a time when his remixes and production skills were already much in demand by increasingly successful clients. With ‘Thrill Me', he also firmly established the distinctive sound of the irresistible pumping bassline that has become one of the Junior Jack trademarks.
It was a big club hit that was immediately picked up by many top DJs who made it a dancefloor anthem across the world.
The demand on Junior Jack as a DJ kept increasing and Vito who till then had always preferred working in his studio as a producer, decided to team up with Kid Crème. The pair quickly became one of the most popular acts on the scene and apart from playing regular slots at all the superclubs around the world including a residency at the Ministry Of Sound, they released an In The House mix album on Defected.

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