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Apr 26

Global Thursday presents Nanny Assis!

Con Nanny Assis. Sede: Arab American National Museum


Giovedì 26 Aprile 2012 alle 19:30


Arab American National Museum
Dearborn, United States

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Bahia, Brazil native Nanny Assis is a hard talent to define. He started his career as a drummer and percussionist, but has developed into a brilliant multiform musician. Now a singer, song-writer and master percussionist, he has played with such artists as Vinicius Cantauria and John Patitucci, and adds his flavor to popular music, Brazilian Jazz, Afro-Brazilian and other folkloric sounds from his homeland. Assis has become one of the top percussionists in the Brazilian music industry, sought after by world-class musicians for both studio recordings and live performances.

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