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Giu 16

Hype Williams


Con Hype Williams, Clunk e altri 5 artisti . Sede: The Bakery

Questo evento è stato annullato.


Sabato 16 Giugno 2012 alle 20:00


The Bakery
233 James St, Northbridge, 6003, Australia

Tel: 08 9227 6288


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///http://icsscollective.com/ and http://lifeisnoise.com/ Pres///

Hype Williams
(Hippos In Tanks/Hyperdub)
Saturday 16 June
The Bakery

W/ Kučka, The Underground Sound Solution System (Ben Taaffe and Luke Arnold), Travis Doom, Clunk and Rok Riley & the debut of Andrew Sinclair/James Ireland/Mei Swan *Live* project, Savoir.

Hype Williams are, by the book, a London/Berlin-based electronic duo consisting of Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt. However, her name isn't actually Inga, he might not really be called Dean, and they might not even be a two-piece. Interviews are rare and cryptic, and press coverage is limited.

Elusive and mysterious, yes - but a conscious effort by Hype Williams to draw listeners' attention to the art, not the hype.

"...they're so obsessed with trying to find out about you and then after a while your art starts to shine through and I think that becomes the main focus... people realise they can't penetrate this forcefield that you have around you. And then that's all that exists." - Dean Blunt in The Wire Magazine (UK)

Taking the name from a notorious hip-hop music video creator, Hype Williams create music engrained with early dubstep and grime, peppered with elements of pop and R&B. They avoid conforming to formulaic genres, focussing on fluidity and 'free wandering' in their sound.

No-budget, lo-fi 2010 release "Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin' Reel" first emerged as YouTube videos - not only revealing the band's fascination with pop culture, but also their experimentation with music as an art form.

"And that's what's great about Hype Williams' music; listening to it feels like riffling through a scrapbook, a relatively unprocessed collection of ideas that have come straight from the artist's bedroom into your own." - Drowned In Sound

Whether the medium is the internet, unlabelled CD-R mixtapes or elaborately masked live performers, Hype Williams captivatingly transcend the line between music and performance art... often playing with mountains of smoke, dazzling light shows, flexing body-builders and at seriously loud volume.

With releases across several labels including Hyperdub (Burial, Kode 9) & Hippos In Tanks (Grimes), Hype Williams are making an impression, albeit shrouded in smoke and mirrors.

Tickets $26+BF

Available from http://tickets.lifeisnoise.com/, oztix, heatseeker, nowbaking and the usuals.

Links -

Hype Williams : http://hipposintanks.net/artists/hype-williams/

The Throning : http://bit.ly/HOfaPv

Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior : http://bit.ly/HX4bEK

Rescue Dawn 2 ( I Am Wiger Toods ) : http://bit.ly/a6UQld

Chatline : http://bit.ly/ISCx9B

Break4love : http://bit.ly/HCEYgm

Soundcloud -

HERE > http://bit.ly/y9X2Bu

Mixcloud - http://bit.ly/IR2Cs5

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