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Giu 16

LWE & Electric presents Ovum

Con Josh Wink. Sede: Electric Brixton


Sabato 16 Giugno 2012 alle 22:00


Electric Brixton
Town Hall Parade, London, SW2 1RJ, United Kingdom

Tel: 02072742290


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LWE and Electric presents Ovum
Sat 16th June, Electric Brixton
10pm to 6am

Josh Wink : Martin Buttrich Live : Gregor Tresher

Ovum Recordings is an electronic music label, specializing in house and techno, founded by world renowned DJ, Josh Wink. Over the past 15 years the label has grown tremendously, disseminating thousands of tracks, while forming an impressive collection of talented DJs and producers. Signing artists from all over the world, Ovum has been a catalyst in the global dance movement since its inception.

On June 16th Ovum is returning for its first full event since March 2010 at Matter, taking over London’s newest and most cutting edge Venue, Electric Brixton. A hand picked selection of talent, leading the charge is Ovum main man Josh Wink with support from some very talented friends in the form of man of the moment and Loco Dice’s production partner Martin Buttrich and Ovum Records stable mate Gregor Tresher.

Main Room
Josh Wink : Martin Buttrich Live : Gregor Tresher

With Support from:
Seamless (Modulate FM / On the Rocks Records / BQuiet)

Room 2: TBA

Tickets: £10 to £20
www.electricbrixton.com / www.londonwarehouseevents.co.uk

In partnership with Elite Music Management : www.elitemm.co.uk


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