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Army of Infants @ Mickey Finns-Pub


Con Army of Infants. Sede: Mickey Finn's Pub

Questo evento è stato annullato.


Venerdì 15 Giugno 2012 alle 20:00


Mickey Finn's Pub
602 Lagrange St., Toledo, Ohio, 43604, United States

Tel: (419) 246-3466


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Army of Infants will be hitting the road June 14th-July 7th to get the word out about the self release of the Main St. Blues/Busted in B.G 7" that dropped early this spring. This FIRST pressing is limited to 250 randomly colored records, with hand stamped by the band center labels. This will be available at the shows (while they last), you are not gonna wanna go home with out one kids!!!!

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