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Mag 2

The Gallery Chapel series

Con RM Hubbert, Eric Chenaux e altri 5 artisti . Sede: Gallery Cafe


Mercoledì 2 Maggio 2012 alle 19:00


Gallery Cafe
21 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PL, United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8980 2092


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Discovered at the last Shhh event back in February, we simply HAD to run a set of events in the Chapel behind the Gallery Cafe. So here we are.

The cafe itself if one of the finest places to eat in London we think, so that's already one reason to be there. But out the back, hidden away, you'll find the tiniest wee chapel where you'll be able to sit back with your lovely food n drink from the cafe, and enjoy the most up close and personal live music experience you're likely to get all year.

RM Hubbert, Eric Chenaux, Laura J Martin, Rachael Dadd, Hyperpotamus, and more...

Very excited to bring this to you...

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