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Mar 24

WIGWAG #005 w/ Golden Parazyth, Sebastian Voigt, Laurent Fintoni, Neri Jass

Con ABCD (live), Arnas Multiform (Wigwag) e altri 4 artisti . Sede: Shutter Studios, White Post Lane, E9 5EN


Sabato 24 Marzo 2012 alle 22:00


Shutter Studios, White Post Lane, E9 5EN
London, United Kingdom

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This time WIGWAG is going to the very heart of Hackney Wick, a vibrant and artistic area with industrial flavour in the air. No gleam, no limelight, just a raw customized warehouse for bass hungry beat heads.

Line up:

:: Golden Parazyth Live
:: Sebastian Voigt (Lo*kee, My Favorite Robot Records)
:: Laurent Fintoni (Finest Ego)
:: Neri Jass (Good:Vibe)
:: ĀBCD Live (Renegades Of Bump)
:: Arnas Multiform (Wigwag)


:: Letty (Wavey Tones)
:: DizzleMcPhizzle Co.


Having emerged practically out of nowhere in 2005, Golden Parazyth soon became one of the most praised electronic musicians in Lithuania's alternative music scene. The basis of his music is darkly atmospheric beat-driven electronica, adorned with traces of 8-bit music, IDM, broken beats and ambient. What makes Golden Parazyth's music truly singular is the musician's own confident and soothing reverb-soaked voice sounding almost like indie rock singing. And he sings during live performances too, which instantly distinguishes Golden Parazyth from most other electronic music producers. His lyrics, sung in English, are imaginative and sincere, thus greatly adding to the beauty of the music.

Sebastian Voigt is probably best known for being one of the founders and driving forces behind the infamous Lo*kee parties in London, that have grown from being "the best (and most private) Sunday afternoon rendezvous to hit East London in a long time" (quote: Mixmag) to a world-renowned underground club night.
His eclectic musical background combined with his love for a hedonistic rave have shaped his warm and playful sound, drawing elements from House, Techno, Disco and Acid. His versatility and fine-tuned sense of moods have gained him a growing following in the UK and abroad.

Laurent Fintoni is a promoter, radio person and journalist from London. He has been pushing underground beats and turntable-based music for the best part of a decade vias his radio shows on Rhythm Incursions and Turntable Radio, as well as in his regular ustream podcasts with Om Unit. A true digger, you're guaranteed to hear a set rammed full of unreleased and exclusive tracks

Neri Jass is a founder of an underground warehouse club called My Klik House. Soon after opening it became a well known place for parties in East London, which helped him to gain respect in local circuit. His DJ sets are versatile and dynamic, ranging from deep-tech-house influenced with tribal-dub-grooves. He is well known for creating unique vibe through blend of sounds on the dance floor.


£7 advance tickets:

£10 on the door (please arrive early for guaranteed entry).

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