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Mag 11

Loney Dear in Cardiff

Con Loney Dear. Sede: The Norwegian Church


Venerdì 11 Maggio 2012 alle 19:30


The Norwegian Church
Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Loney Dear is a project that Emil Svanängen began in 2003 from the basement of his parents’ house as Loney, Dear. As the years have passed, Emil has evolved from recording each element one by one before mixing together, and now finds himself heading to the studio accompanied by a full band.

Emil’s first performance in Wales will be a stripped down acoustic performance, in the spectacular Norwegian Church on Friday 11th May.

A key influence on Bon Iver’s seminal self-titled album of 2010 , when Justin Vernon greeted Emil with “Jesus Christ, it’s you!” the admiration was quite evident. The story goes that Bon Iver played Loney, Noir constantly in their tour bus while touring with For Emma, Long Ago.

This event will be very intimate, in a low capacity venue, so be sure to get your tickets early.

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