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Apr 28


Con Hexstatic, DJ Cheeba e altri 2 artisti . Sede: Village Underground


Sabato 28 Aprile 2012 alle 21:00


Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane, London, EC2A 3PQ, United Kingdom

Tel: +44.(0)20 7422 7505


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Soundcrash presents a night of stunning audiovisual excellence and ingenious electronica at Village Underground… in 3D!

Holotronica is the latest project from the pioneering AV outfit Hexstatic. Using new technologies Hexstatic are able to take their visual show one step forward and present it to you in tridimensional format. Glasses will be provided on the door to see this groundbreaking show from the AV pioneers in which stereoscopic visuals will be projected onto a custom-made silver mesh screen for full holographic effect. Holotronica is a groundbreaking AV concept combining analog Synthesizers with real time midi triggered visuals set in time with the beats and pulses of Hexstatic’s music.

DJ Cheeba’s consummated turntablist skills are put to the service of the big screen as he mixes and mashes audio and video to create the perfect party Av dj set. Already bossing the Bristol scene and having supported some of the biggest names at a myriad London shows DJ Cheeba has a proven track record of lighting rooms up with his quickfire mixing and inspired tune and video selections. Big up your eyes!

Public Service Broadcasting floored us at the last Videocrash bash with their elegant electronica and stunning visuals. At the time of writing they have been selected for the Rebel playlist on radio 6 by popular vote, so they’ve obviously floored a lot of you too. Here you have another chance to see this exciting young band performing a very idiosyncratic set indeed.


Hexstatic presents Holotronica
Dj Cheeba (Live AV Show)
Public Service Broadcasting (Live AV show)

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