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Venerdì 30 Marzo 2012 alle 19:30


124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD, United Kingdom

Tel: 0161 907 5555


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A Mendelssohn double-bill bookends tonight’s
concert. The Hebrides overture was shaped
by one of the composer’s earliest passions,
travel, and the memory of a windswept journey
at sea. Continuing this theme, the ‘Scottish’
Symphony was inspired by a visit to Holyrood
Palace, scene of the grizzly murder of Mary
Queen of Scots’ secretary Rizzio. Eric Fogg’s
Bassoon Concerto was written in 1931 for
Archie Camden, a professor of bassoon at the
then Royal Manchester College of Music. The
concerto, which has been unjustly neglected
since, features a pair of rhythmically sparkling
outer movements and a central slow movement
of pure lyricism.
Tickets £17 £14

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