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Ott 15

BLUESCAFE Apeldoorn Netherlands

Con Kozmic Blue. Sede: Bluescafe


Sabato 15 Ottobre 2011 alle 10:00


Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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At BLUESCAFE Apeldoorn Netherlands 240 GIGS A Year! http://www.bluescafe.nl
Maggie Mackenthun is doing a peculiar job: she’s producing goosebumps!
She’s proven this phenomenon over the last 10 years in more than 1000 concerts accompanied by her wonderful original band Kozmic Blue. Whether in small clubs like the legendary Bluescafe Apeldoorn, the prime Rockclub Spirit of 66 in Verviers or Logo in Hamburg; or at large venues like the Jazzfestival in Granada, the New Orleans Blues - festival, and West-Germany’s broadcasting services Rockpalast Festival.

At any place Kozmic Blue fill any event with their explosion of emotions, on stage as well as on their records. Since the band’s foundation in 1997 more than 50.000 units of their 5 CD’s and one DVD have been sold. The remarkable thing is that it happend without any advertising campaign or promotion. Lots of bands pushed by the commercial music industry have tried to achieve similar results, however can only dream of accessing them.

Kozmic Blue is powerfully unique with Maggie’s genuine performance and voice, without any loops, samples or other modern tricks: it’s pure handmade music. And Maggie knows what she’s singing of. She was two years old when her Scottish father passed away. At the age of 17 she ran away from home and hitch-hiked across Europe, playing her music on the streets. Back in Germany she lived with a biker gang in a makeshift trailer park, went through gang fights, became a widow and ended up addicted to heroine. She managed to struggle her way out of it, raised three children – by the way without any help of governmental support, dishwashers or nannies – singing and making music pulled her through!

Contrary to most singers with similar experiences written in their autobiographies for an image, Maggie truly experienced this way of life. And she sings about it in her own songs and lyrics. Beyond this she doesn’t need lyrics for the audience to get her. She rocks, roars, groans, moans, scats, scratches and screams to top this all with a clear soprano. You can feel that there’s nothing artificial, pretentious or any routine. There you feel Kozmic Blue, let yourself get carried away and suddenly it happens:

goosebumps all over !


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