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Kate Rusby at Christmas

Con Kate Rusby. Sede: Barbican Centre


Venerdì 2 Dicembre 2011 alle 19:30


Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7638 8891


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'And above all her voice remains a thing of extraordinary beauty.' Mojo Magazine 2011

'Long recognised as her generation's most outstanding interpretive singer of traditional material.' R2 Magazine 2011

Kate Rusby is steeped in her local traditions and tonight showcases the carols and songs learnt through childhood in her native South Yorkshire. Come along to hear new variations of familiar carols mostly unheard outside the area.This un-missable evening follows the release of Kate's 2nd album of Yorkshire-inspired songs and carols in November 2011 and Kate is touring with her band, complete with brass quintet - a rousing Christmas celebration!

The defining voice of contemporary English folk music, Kate Rusby's exquisite interpretations of traditional songs and finely wrought self-penned tunes have won her an audience that reaches beyond the genre. A rare achievement for a folk artist but entirely understandable given Rusby's expressive vocals that invest whatever she sings with irresistible emotional depth.

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