• Roger Waters 'The Wall' - Lisbon

    Mar 22 2011, 14:05 di ExiledRoyal

    Mon 21 Mar – The Wall Live

    In 40 years off attending gigs I'm not sure that I've ever been to one that has had the same impact as this concert.

    Of course, the effects were dazzling/ stunning, and the music/musicians were everything you might have hoped for, but I came away suffering from a total sensory overload. I never realised just how much 'The Wall' challenged the capitalist system, its human impact, and the evangelical power that Waters brings to this.

    The Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon is a fantastic venue, holding 16,500, right next to the Tagus River. The punters ranged from kids to 70's and were just... buzzing. This was the first night of his European tour and even if there were hiccups it wasn't noticable.

    Visually the concert was like a Hollywood computer generated movie, with live action (crashing plane/floating pig), cartoon effects and living images projected onto the steadily building wall. Some of the pictures and films were deeply moving, other effects disturbing, yet others just jaw-dropping.