• Porcupine Tree - 2010/04/20 - Dallas, TX

    Apr 24 2010, 4:33 di mouthoff

    Tue 20 Apr – Porcupine Tree

    Act I:
    The Incident song cycle
    i. Occam's Razor
    ii. The Blind House
    iii. Great Expectations
    iv. Kneel and Disconnect
    v. Drawing the Line
    vi. The Incident
    vii. Your Unpleasant Family
    viii. The Yellow Windows of the Evening Train
    ix. Time Flies
    x. Degree Zero of Liberty
    xi. Octane Twisted
    xii. The Séance
    xiii. Circle of Manias
    xiv. I Drive the Hearse

    Act II:
    The Start of Something Beautiful
    Russia on Ice (first half of it)
    Anesthetize (part 2 of 3) AKA 'The Pills I'm Taking'
    Way Out of Here
    Bonnie the Cat

    The Sound of Muzak

    I don't remember the exact order of the last three songs in the second act before the encore and I'm getting conflicting reports on the order, but they did indeed play these songs.