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Set 12

Karma Live

Con Karma. Sede: El Sawy Culture Wheel


Sabato 12 Settembre 2009 alle 20:00


El Sawy Culture Wheel
1st 26 July St. - Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: +202 8881 2736 | +202 6178 2736


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Karma will be performing in another concert at Sakya, a 2 hours set of Rock and Metal originals and covers for a night that marks the first time play of the entire first album "Actions In Previous Existence", so be there,be prepared and be loud \m/

Band Members :
Ragi Akram : Vocals
Ehab Sami : Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Omar Haridy : Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Karim Mounir : Bass Guitar
Mahmoud Barakat : Drums

+ special guests from several bands will share the stage with us

-SAFI from (Serenade)
-Omar el DEEB from (Simplexity)
-Mennatallah Hossam (vocal)
-Ahmed Magdy (guitars)


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