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Lug 7

BABYLAND wsg. Function 13

Con Babyland e Function13. Sede: Small's


Martedì 7 Luglio 2009 alle 20:00


10339 Conant Street, Hamtramck, 48212, United States

Tel: (313) 873-1117


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July 7, 2009
Darque Productions welcomes:

wsg. Function 13
10339 Conant St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
get directions

18+ welcome
$10 Tickets available at the door only!
DOORS at 8pm

The term "cutting-edge" gets thrown around a lot when describing musical projects, but it easily and certainly defines California based act Babyland. Dan Gatto and Smith, the masterminds behind the group, term their musical assault "Independent Electronic Junk Punk" - an anarchstic cocktail of hardcore, techno, drum'n'bass and noise, a chronically underproduced attack on the nerves that flips its middle finger to the "Future Pop" craze of the moment. Imagine a hybrid of Einstruzende Neubauten and Combichrist.

Babyland first teamed with Los Angeles punk label Flipside (an honor afforded few bands) and released three full-length efforts, (You Suck Crap, A Total Let-Down, Who’s Sorry Now?) in addition to numerous singles, EP’s, and compilation appearances (including a soundtrack appearance on Gregg Araki’s The Doom Generation). With each release, the band exceeded the expectations of audiences by deconstructing their own musical process: each release offering a new piece to an ever-expanding puzzle. Subsequent material has been released by the band's own label, Mattress. The fifth full length (The Finger) and a compilation of earlier songs (Decade One) was released in Europe by Dependent Records. Most recently, a deal with Metropolis Records has resulted in the commercial release of the sixth and most recent album (Cavecraft).

Babyland have long enjoyed a fanatical cult status in the United States, due as much to their music as their frenetic live show (which have included shows with Nitzer Ebb, Combichrist, Imperative Reaction and touring with VNV Nation). Known for their use of metal trash to percussive effect, this "misuse of instruments and machines" stands at the very core of their concept: the musical revolution the duo seek would simply elude them through the use of classical instruments. Reactions to the bands live shows are often described by some as "Probably the most energetic live show from a two-man band ever to grace a stage".

Impulsive, spontaneous and alive, Babyland growl, bang and purr - yet there is also a refinement of composition, a focus on the moment, a freedom of emotion. It is the latest step in a genre-defying journey through an artistic landscape littered with the wreckage of destroyed pop culture in search of the insurgent spirit of independence that lies within us all.

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