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    22 sept. 2011, 21h09m par Le_newtype

    Spoon-fed: Hurrrr gib me rarez pls

    Polite way of asking: I'm looking for several releases that are hard to come by, both electronically and for physical purchase. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out, be it a link to an auction or something I could possibly trade you for it. I understand the whole trader lingo, ~~~don't ever upload to anyone else or I'll cut your knee-caps off~~~, no sharing, etc. etc. , so don't think that I'm going to give it to random download blogs if you are in fact interested in trading with me.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    -aika- - 哀愁☆ロック

    BAISER - Paradise Lost~the case of Eve~ , PICTURES~Vice Style~

    E'm~grief~ : any sort of Webshop privs or concert presents. I'm not sure what they are, so I can't specifically list them, but I do know that they're out there.

    I'm on to you.

    GremlinS - Inferno

    LIPHLICH - Discography

    LuLu- 理由, 衝動, 【ワンマンチケット池袋Cyber店頭購入特典2曲入りCD】

    vellaDonna - RISK

    ウォッカ- ムクロ, abnormal Line, 哭く、おかっぱ少女, 不完全エルドラ, 最期はいつも突然だった…。