• What's Your Source?

    18 jui. 2012, 18h27m par pphilipp

    (1) He holds strong convictions.
    (2) He has strong opinions.
    (3) He displays strong prejudices.

    All three statements are about the same person.
    All are about the same manifested traits.
    All three paint an entirely different picture… from the positive, to the negative.
    This just shows how easily we can be manipulated with words.

    When reading, listening, viewing, studying / learning, be sure you thoroughly know the source it's coming from. Not all sources are created equal, and yet all sources have the same power of persuasion. Learn to read between the lines.tAaOSPhilip White
  • Attitude?

    10 nov. 2010, 9h33m par pphilipp

    Attitude is not a becoming trait. Tone it down. tAaOS