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  • Années d'activité

    2009 – aujourd'hui (9 ans)

  • Fondé en

    Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France

" Synopsis nm: A brief summary of the major points of a subject or written work or story, either as prose or as a table; an abridgment or condensation of a work."

Synopsys evolves in a metal / post rock universe alternating atmospheric waves and heavier atmospheres.

August 2012, first steps in studio for SYNOPSYS with a 2 titles tracks. One year later the second try "Timeless" EP offers a well done reputation to the band. Then SYNOPSYS dedicates long months to the conception of a full length album doubled with a abstract medium length film:
"Le temps du rêve" was born on spring 2017.

Throughout this work, multiple collaborations with artists from varied horizons will have fed their music of new tones and allowed a visual mosaic with influences and the more diverse sensibilities.

SYNOPSYS proposes with this new album a musical and cinematic experience built as a cycle, being able to evoke the beginning, the end and eternal resumption of a dream.

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