• Done Because We Are Too Menny.

    30 jui. 2006, 13h29m par Woodshed1

    Since I quit my job I've decided I need to embark on a project - something not very taxing and largely pointless. I'm going to listen to every song I've got on WimAmp in alphabetical order and cull every track I can't be arsed listening through to the end. So, expect to see a huge pile of tiny mp3 shaped coffins stacked up in my back garden.

    First alphabetically, thanks to some apostropisation, was Asylum Street Spankers's stupendous version of 'T'aint Nobody's Bizness. Then swiftly on to tracks employing largely pointless brackets bringing the joy of rediscovering Dion's sobtastic (I Was) Born To Cry. Thence onto the numbers and a reminder that ¡Forward, Russia! did one great song (12), France Gall was a nut case (in the best way) and Nena's 99 Luftballons is the only good song in German ever.

    Early casualties include The Libertines instrumental demo Seven Deadly Frenchman and Leo Kottke's pedestrian cover of The Byrds's Eight Miles High.