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Offizielle Website: http://www.weltenzauber.at

Martin Koder
Born: 1963 in Vienna, zodiac sign: Libra. As compensation for his right-stressful job, began the composer and music producer "Martin Koder" In 2007, his impressions of the many hikes and walks in our nature to put into music. This led to the music, as well as the foundation for the project "Weltenzauber". Even as a child and teenager, the artist had the hillside behind the facade of things to look. The hobbies of recent years, among other things include a detailed study of the "Tarot", Nummerologie, mysticism, mythology and mystery, and a multi-year training with Master "Chen Chi Hong" in the areas of "Wushu" and "Tai Chi".
The Viennese musician and multi-instrumentalist dominates more than 10 musical instruments. As an avid fan of cinema, he led together with partner Elizabeth directed several music videos and nature films.
On the YouTube channel Komasound-Production one can look on the work of producers making duo.

Elisabeth Koder

Born: 1977 in Vienna, zodiac sign: Sagittarius. The gifted amateur photographer delivers with its stunning nature photographs for inspiration from the music of "Weltenzauber". This particular young woman is not only the "Muse" from Martin Koder (The creator of Weltenzauber), but also his wife and partner for many years.
Joint excursions into nature with dog "Merlin", are among the favorite pastimes of the artistic duo, and the design and maintenance of natural aquarium in the style of „Takashi Amano“.
2008 began the ambitious artist singing background vocals for various Artists in Komasound-Studio.

2010 was the first published record in which the young woman also on the second Solo voice in a duet dare.
Thus, the vocal voice of Elisabeth to the fixed part of "Weltenzauber" for the album "Tarot - Die Grosse Arkana".

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