27 août 2007, 13h25m par Addicted2Melody


    Now that I've sufficiently recovered, it's time to comment on my venture into Cheshire... to Creamfields, one of the biggest events in the UK clubbing calender. I've been to Ibiza and I've seen many a good DJ at The Syndicate in Bristol, but the "festival" experience was something entirely new to me. I've gotta say, I was impressed. Meticulously organised and the sheer scale of it was simply stunning. There's so much on offer and, being spread over about 15 hours, you do get to see a lot for your money. If they had chucked us out at 11 it would still have been worth going, yet we still had 7 hours ahead of us.

    I also get the feeling that most acts and DJs do rise to the occasion in an attempt to maintain their reputations. Every single act I saw was impressive, and the ones I had already seen were either better than, or at the least as good as, they were before. The thing that most highlighted the quality of the sets for me is that I was pretty much sober…