• Tuesday Ten: Intros

    29 juin 2010, 20h20m par amodelofcontrol

    Those first thirty-seconds-to-a-minute of a song can be vitally important, particularly if it's the first thing I've heard of an artist. If they don't grab me, it might be that is the last time I bother with an artist. So let's celebrate the visceral hit you can get from some songs, with ten great intros, and a Spotify playlist to go with it.

    The Razor's Edge

    If this is a slightly metal-tastic list this week, that's probably no accident. After all, metal music allows for a rather more dramatic intro, usually, although I don't think we could call this all that dramatic. It is one of the greatest intro guitar riffs ever, however. Marvellously simple, in theory - just Angus Young's endlessly repeated riff, Chris Slade's hi-hat rhythm, and the chant of "thunder", it builds and builds and eventually explodes into one of the band's greatest songs post-Back in Black.

    Angel of Death
    Reign in Blood

  • blehhh :P

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  • A Headbanger's Journey

    13 nov. 2008, 16h57m par gdcosta

    I have decided my favouritist album ever is The Holy Bible.

    But that's not what I want to talk about. Metal: A Headbanger's Journey is the latest in a long serious of surprisingly excellent musical documentaries I've stumbled upon. I don't want to say much as I'm quite ramblish today, but:

    * Black Sabbath, held by many to be the forefathers of Metal, spent their formative years describing the Satanic as frightening. They came from Christian backgrounds, they wore crosses as charms and protective amulets, but their heavy use of the cross was interpreted satanically. This came to bite them in the ass when they felt pressured in the 80s to become more satanic to match the expectations of the genre they helped spawn.

    * Even more WTFly, Tom Araya of Slayer is a devout Catholic. He's a Latin American Catholic, the worst kind. He's fine with singing the anti-religious guitarist's lyrics, he views it all as a healthy form of self-expression and self-exploration. Then again, he's fascinated with serial killers.
  • Song Of The Day - 20 Sep 2008: Postmortem

    22 sept. 2008, 3h38m par sablespecter

    Slayer / Postmortem / Reign in Blood (9) / Oct 1986

    Fuckin' Slayer!!

    Needed to take a break from (finally) cleaning up the property after last weekend's storm, so I headed up to an area bookstore to look for a DVD I need for class, and happened across local author and Cleveland Scene Music Dude D.X. Ferris, who was there for a book signing: yet another book in the (recommended) 33 1/3 Series, this one being the story behind Reign In Blood!

    Had a chance to talk with him and K-ROCK jock Matt Wardlaw for about an hour, which was well spent. Class guys.

    One of the first questions I asked Ferris was whether he had had the chance to get Tori Amos's take on Slayer as he was researching material for the book, and among the interviews he did while writing this, she indeed was one of them. I asked him why she decided to do her own, strange cover of Raining Blood (previous SotD - Slayer's, not Tori's). He didn't tell me directly, not wanting to spoil the story in the book I suppose.

  • Doom DIY

    25 août 2008, 21h38m par dark_raven_666

    What the hell is Doom DIY? Well, it's a stupid idea that came to my mind yesterday. I tried it today, and it actually works! Follow my simple instructions, and you will be able to rediscover your favourite Metal bands - from the darker side you never expected to exist.

    1. Choose a cool Metal track. Warning - it should be fast, or at least not very slow. Thrash, Heavy and Power work well. I haven't tried Death or Grincore yet, but they should be OK too.
    2. Open the chosen track in Audacity, or similar audio editing program.
    3. Use the "change speed" option. WARNING - don't use the "change tempo" option.
    4. Decrease the speed by 50%.
    5. Done! You have just created an epic Doom/Drone/Sludge Metal masterpiece! Watch how James Hetfield plays like the guitarists fromSunn O))), and how Tom Araya's scream in Angel of Death becomes Satan's roar. Have fun!

    Oh, I know that it's stupid XD

    MetallicaMegadethIron MaidenSlayerSunn O)))Erredupizer
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  • Soft & Stronger

    21 mars 2007, 19h26m par KingFossil

    Eigentlich wollte ich hier ausschließlich über Innocent Victim referieren, welches ich mir gestern Abend per Discman angetan hatte, aber dann sind mir Totenmond mit ihrem "TonbergUrtod" dazwischen gekommen. Beide Alben faszinieren mich irgendwie, obwohl der eher softe Anglo-Hardrock nicht wirklich mit dem Brtzlfx-Core-Metal aus Backnang vergleichbar ist.

    Worum geht es? Zum einen: 1978 veröffentlichten Heep bereits ihr zweites Album mit Sänger John Lawton. Außerdem hatte die Band in den Jahren davor zwei Bassisten verschlissen. Erst musste Gary Thain nach einem auf der Bühne erlittenen Stromschlag die Band verlassen (die damit einhergehenden Herzrhythmusstörengen könnten ihn später das Leben gekostet haben), woraufhin John Wetton auf der Bildfläche erschien. Nur wenig später gehörte Wetton allerdings zum festen Inventar von King Crimson, weshalb mal wieder ein neuer Viersaiter hermusste. Dieser war Trevor Bolder, der mit seinen Wurzeln im Jazz und bei David Bowie eigentlich aus den Sphären kam…
  • June 6th: On this Day

    6 juin 2006, 9h04m par tenderbranson69

    2003, A High court judge in London ruled that rap lyrics should be treated as a foreign language after admitting that he was unsure of the meaning of 'shizzle my nizzle' and 'mish mish man.' The court battle was over a copyright issue between the Ant'ill Mob and the Heartless Crew who had used the lyrics on a remix.

    2002, Dee Dee Ramone guitarist with The Ramones died in Los Angeles of a drug overdose aged 49.

    1999, Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen'.

    1996, Inventor William Palmer died. He invented the magnetic tape recorder; before this music had been cut direct to record.

    1986, A&R man Dick Rowe died of diabetes. Rowe became famous for not signing The Beatles to Decca records and made the classic quote 'Nobody cares about guitar groups anymore.' He did however sign The Rolling Stones to Decca.

    1971, John & Yoko jammed live on stage with Frank Zappa at The Filmore East in New York.