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The Most Quoted MC's are a rap crew from Albias (82) in France composed by Grolaid, Sboubix & Castolo. They first known themselves by a cover of the french rapper Barou tracksong "Alors Ecoutes".
They dropped their first single in 2013 "The Meaning Of Victory" in featuring with Bru and Coach. This single launched their career and formed the artistic style to the crew.
A new single is dropped the same year "Song For Gazelle" in featuring with Bru and DJ ClemLav, and a next one still the same year "Milkshake" in featuring with DJ ClemLav. The Crew is definitely launched, and some artistic experiences were tried like R&B with "Song For Gazelle". One other single was drop in 2013, "Clash de Gros" featuring ClemLav.
During this time Castolo tried a solo experience with his "Numéro 4 EP" but it's a commercial echec.
If the lyrics were essentialy in English and French, the crew tried another experience the next year with the single XXL with some spanish lyrics. It preceded their first EP "Querelle Climatique" essentialy in french. This EP is marked by a polemic, and some lyrics had to be censured.
To try to find a new public, the crew made an EDM single produced by DJ ClemLav in featuring with Coach but the greeting from their public is mitiged.
The 7th of May 2014, The Most Quoted MC's released an EP called "A Cappela dans les Etoiles" made only with human voice in featuring with DJ ClemLav & Bru. This release is today nowhere to found all the copy were destroyed by one of the members of the crew.
After the "Ghost Perfect" EP published in summer 2014, an album is announced and some tracks were revealed to the public like "Mike Au Naturel" and "Clash D Diss" in featuring with Bru, DJ Bouboule & Jazz. The album "The Most Quoted MC's LP" is finally released the 12th December 2014 with some new tracks like "Dance With My Body" and "Shine".
In August 2015 the crew announced their split-up but Castolo announced the 15th February on Instagram their reformation, and a single is prepared to be drop in May.
Some polemics touched the crew from clash with some famous artists like Barou, Karbo & Light Tronic.

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