• Oh my god

    26 mars 2011, 22h54m par Uniclops

    I just read my 4 year old life soundtrack entry and had a laugh at how bad my taste used to be. So I was like "LETS DO IT NOW SO I CAN HAVE ANOTHER LAUGH IN A FEW YEARS, HELL YEAH". We're doin this bro.

    Opening credits
    Bored to Death Theme Song (Music from the TV Series)

    Waking up
    New Orleans Instrumental No. 1

    Average day
    Wonderful You (Hey, future me, we barely listen to this, fyi)

    First date
    Sunday Morning

    Falling in love
    Suspended In A Sunbeam

    Love scene
    Losers (Fantastic, just the song you'd want for a love scene)

    Fight scene
    旋律(シラベ) (Since I'm sure I won't remember this at all, it's from Umineko, all you need to know)

    Breaking up
    A Punchup at a Wedding. (No No No No No No No No.)

    Getting back together

    Secret love

    Life's okay
    Worldend (More Umineko music, really?)

    Mental breakdown
    I Kill Children (This is starting to sound like a pretty fucking horrifying life)


    Learning a lesson
    River Below
  • Songs That Press My Happy Buttons

    16 oct. 2006, 8h52m par Cavale

    There are certain songs that I listen to, and they just immediately make me giddy. It might be a certain turn of phrase in the lyrics, the theme of the song, singability, or just the beauty of the music itself. Either way, I decided to go through all of the music I have on my computer and write down their names.

    Here's the resulting list (To Be Completed):

    Run = This song is sweet, and romantic. And the effects on the voice are amazing.
    Sweet Road= The first Animal Collective song I ever heard, and still my favorite. The sounds of children playing put pretty images in my head.
    Love Is Evil = My current favorite song. There's nothing not to love about it. The way he sings "Love is evil", the Japanese rapping, the psychedelic nonsensical rapping about Blinky Bill at the end. This song is perfection.
    Sugarless = The first time I heard this song and really payed attention to it was at the end of a very bad day, and it just fit so perfectly that I fell in love with it.
  • Too Dark a Heart

    26 mai 2006, 1h48m par hijax

    Following in Scotty’s footsteps, a mix of my own I threw together for someone (who shall remain unnamed). It’s a little old now, but I still return to it from time to time. I find it cathartic.

    I am prone to excess in when I do something like this. So yes, it is long, dramatic and at times a little obscure. I know what I was trying to convey, which when using someone else’s words is never perfect, but I was highly satisfied with the results. Lyrics are always important to me and with this mix I tried to match both music and words to my theme. What that theme is, and who it’s about I will leave to you, but I will tell you it is a story in 3 acts, so have at it. (I did post snippets of lyrics to give some sense of what is going on).

    If I could upload the mix for all to share I would but the Law gets in the way.

    what are you?
    (you can read this song in its entirety a few posts down.)

    These Days
    I had a lover,
    I don't think I'll risk another