• 35th meme, wtf.

    16 oct. 2011, 18h42m par znienacka

    and yet another shuffle meme.

    1. This explains your worst mistake.
    Banish From Sanctuary

    2. This explains what was going through your mind during your first kiss.
    Forever Lost

    3. This explain what was going through the other person's mind.

    4. Your parents always thought you would become..

    5. This explains your first date.
    Zanim powstał totem

    6. This represents you and your first love.
    Invasion of the Empire

    7. This explains your first time.
    Keep the Faith

    8. This explains what the other person thought afterwards.
    we tree kings

    9. Your first job was..
    Listen to Your Heart

    10. Middle school was..
    Mi Delirio

    11. You got through high school doing..
    Unmei no Yoru

    12. This is how you pictured your life in the future..
    Who You Were

    13. Your first car was..

    14. Your first road trip was..

    1. Your biggest problem in life at the moment..
    No Te Quiero Olvidar
  • 16. Shuffle it!

    21 fév. 2010, 14h00m par znienacka

    Part One
    Write the first line of each song

    1. You wake up and hear your mother screaming:
    "I can see"
    It's kinda weird. Like "I See You" from Avatar. Unless my mother is from Na'vi oO

    2. You come downstairs to find:
    "There goes my valentine again"
    and I must catch him in cellar ;D

    3. The doorbell rings and your ex is standing there, and says:
    "Who hears the voices calling - who calls to rise above them?"

    4. As you take a jog around the neighborhood, as people see you they think:
    "Saw you on the street we had to meet"

    5. You arrive at work late and your boss says:
    "Szło zło przez świat, miało zwykłą twarz"

    6. Your best friend picks you up and the radio plays:
    "You found me here, waiting for your chance"

    7. You see a hot guy walking and you think:
    "Hate the reflection that I see"
    yes, I always think this way xD

    8. You sit alone and think: