• Reasons why 1973 was the best year music has yet seen.

    10 oct. 2008, 20h59m par joewatson406

    I've created a list of inspired studio albums released in 1973 designed to confirm my belief that that year was, as the title of the journal suggests, the best year for music. If only I had been born then! I believe that pretty much every album mentioned speaks for itself, but a couple of notes have been added anyway.

    If anybody has any that they feel could be added to this list, then do let me know. More evidence is always better :). Or if anyone disagrees, and can argue their case, I'd love to find a large quantity of music better than this!

    In truth, mind, I think that the first four albums listed should be enough, but in case their not for you, I hope to bowl you over by quantiy of quality rather than the cream of quality. If that makes sense. It does in my head :S.

    Anyway, without further ado, I give you epic awesomeness...

    01. Genesis - Selling England by the Pound

    This album is the definition of epic awesomeness. I could sing the praises of it for ages…