• An Affirmation...

    27 sept. 2007, 16h42m par davidmccormick

    ...that jump-up hip-hop is definitely no longer my proverbial demitasse of piping hot beverage came in the form of this El P et al. gig I attended last night.

    Back in the day when shoelaces was phat and MJ was black, I'd slap something raw as f**k on the jam box, mash play and (attempt to) get my head-spin on. That said, in retrospect, I don't think I could ever take many elements of it too seriously - I just enjoyed attempting to break and scratch. I attained a relatively high level of competence in the latter, and a laughably poor one in the former, but it was a good laugh and a lot of my friends were digging the same stuff at the time, so it was more of a social thing I suppose.

    I stopped believing in 'turntablism' as any kind of art form after a couple of years - more just a neat party trick - and my interest in the associated music dwindled as I started picking up more records aimed at the electronic dancefloor.

    I still enjoy witty and intelligent flows from the likes of lyrical terrorists Edan and Buck 65