• Sigur Rós & Coldplay

    31 jui. 2008, 19h08m par princess_mischa

    I haven't bought any new music in awhile, but this summer I bought the new Sigur Ros album and my Mother let my copy the new Coldplay album to my computer. I know this isn't going to be as detailed and long as my last real journal entry, but I'm just trying to get myself in the habit of writing journals. I tend to have ideas for them while I'm out or away, but once I'm at the computer...nothing.

    Basically I like both albums. With Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust I really like the change from Takk..., and since those are the only two albums of theirs I've really had a chance to listen to, it makes me want to buy some of their earlier albums. Though that may have to wait a bit. I will say though that two or three of the songs on the new album make me want to go and run around in the sun in an open field. And I hate the sun, I hate summer. So I'm most impressed. At the moment my favorite song is Með suð í eyrum, though usually it changes after quite a few more listens.

  • með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, definitely!!!

    10 jui. 2008, 15h02m par Juddu


    Sigur Rós released their newest album in June. Waiting for the deluxe edition but still bought the normal CD. The album was streamable for 2 weeks on last.fm and I enjoyed listening to it very much, their style had changed a little bit but still had remain the basics of Sigur Rós, Innocence, Passion and the beauty of music.... At first, I missed Jónsi's guitar but the essence of new songs were catchy so I soon forgot the the bowed guitar thing... I hope that they keep up the good work but I would love to hear an album which would mix the happiness of Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust and the melancholy of ( ). But Now I am more than happy that they returned and they were capable of doing music that didn't sound like them.... OK, they still sound like themselves but none of us could expected that they could recur so massively but still remain the essence of Sigur Rós…
  • 01-06/2008: Part Three...

    6 jui. 2008, 20h12m par CvaldaVessalis

    Part Three

    A Moment Of Clarity
    It’s only dawned on me in recent weeks that, with regards to my music tastes, I am a miserable person. Whenever the moment moves me, I can listen to more upbeat stuff certainly, but even my nights out seem to be informed by a downbeat miserablism. Insofact, a friend on this site rather chirpily confirmed this after I recommended him an album of my acquired tastes… slow, melodic, heartbroken, most often wordless. And upon hitting shuffle on my iTunes last night, I was a little perturbed to find myself skipping through the happier stuff for more morally and emotionally ambiguous tracks. Whether it’s the fact that I spend most of my days completely wound up and frustrated, having rock stars calling me “a smartarse cunt” on the phone or that the new series of Big Brother has severely fucked up my sleeping patterns, I suppose my leaning towards this sort of music more than reeks of cliché. …