• 1993 - 5 picks from my personal collection

    19 juin 2014, 4h29m par Jim_Lithium

    Finally starting to pick up on some memories here. 3rd grade, new teacher, did not like him and wasn't the only one. Jurassic Park hit the theaters - awesome! TMNT III in theaters - awesome! ..At the time anyway. Actually - looking at movies from 1993, I remember seeing a good few of them in the theaters. And many more as rentals. But this is not about movies, here are my essential discs from 1993.

    Aerosmith - Get a Grip

    This one takes me back to a more innocent time, how ironic considering it's Aerosmith of all bands. Probably the last truly great Aerosmith album and one of my first CD purchases that I still have around. Bought it used from a second hand store I used to frequent on the weekends. Not sure exactly when I got it but it was around 1993-1994. "Shut Up and Dance" was featured in Wayne's World 2 and "Line Up" in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. …
  • Tuesday Ten: Better Covers

    2 fév. 2010, 14h53m par amodelofcontrol

    Firstly, further to last week, can I also suggest that following an advert for this seen at the weekend, that there is a seperate circle of hell reserved for it?

    Anyway, on with this week. For only (I think) the second time, you lucky people get a double dose this week. In addition to the planned flipside to last week, you also get my rundown of the ten tracks you should hear this month.

    So onto the first bit, covers. Like last week, this is undoubtedly hugely subjective, some of you will disagree with my choices, others will have tracks that I should have included. Once again, there is a shared Spotify playlist with all the ideas I've had so far, with cover and original where possible (and one or the other where not possible) - feel free to add your suggestions to the list, or in the comments below. On we go:

    Johnny Cash
    (originally by Nine Inch Nails)

    Yes, yes, I know this has now been played to death, we've all shed a tear or two by the close of the video
  • Quake 2 Sountrack, Legendary or Big Shame?

    14 avr. 2007, 13h31m par AnXa

    I was listening a few hours ago very interesting songs. My friend noted once that Quake 2 soundtrack has a song stolen from Rob Zombie. I don't remember the Rob Zombie track name in this case but I know that it's from Sonic Mayhem and is called Climb on Quake 2 soundtrack. Sonic Mayhem composed Quake 2 Sountrack around 1996-1997 and Quake 2 game was released for PCs around the world 1997 christmas.

    Well I got very interested when I listened new song from Waltari. This particular finnish metal band's Get Stamped track from up coming 2007 album is extremely similar with Descent Into Cerberon song from Quake 2 soundtrack.

    I guess the Waltari guys like Quake 2 or something I like whole Quake series. But even so after a while I found out a third song related into Quake 2 soundtrack.

    Rage Against the Machine is an well known band. In 1996 they released their Evil Empire album. It included People of the Sun track which sounds exactly same as Rage from Quake 2 Sountrack. …
  • Great cover songs

    22 nov. 2006, 23h41m par Bloopy

    I've always liked cover songs. Probably because it's a good song being done by a band I like even more. Or perhaps because it's been a great way for me to discover new bands. When I first heard Metallica's Garage Inc., I'd only really been into alternative music for 2-3 years. Before that I'd tended to just listen to whatever was on the radio, so I hardly knew anything about all these great bands that Metallica was covering. Thanks to Garage Inc, I found new favourite bands Anti-Nowhere League, Black Sabbath, Budgie, and Diamond Head, and more great bands and songs. Thanks to Metallica's cover of Anti-Nowhere League's So What, I even became a big fan of old school punk.

    Anyway, here's some great songs worth mentioning:

    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock 'n' Roll
    This is actually my favourite song, and it was quite a long time before I found out it was a cover. The original song is by The Arrows, and it sounds a bit plain and lo-fi compared to the upbeat hard rock attitude in Joan Jett's cover.
  • Commanding officer of the police massacre murdered in Brasil

    11 sept. 2006, 20h20m par l______l

    "Commanding officer of the police massacre murdered in Brasil"

    I read this title on a news server this evening (11. 9. 2006). The article said that the former police officer, who ordered a police massacre in the penitentiary complex in Sao Paolo, Brasil, in 1992, had been found murdered (shot) in his luxurious flat in Sao Paolo this weekend. During that police action 111 of the inmates were shot dead and another 250 wounded. In 2001 this man was sentenced to total 632 years in prison. This decision was overruled by the appeal court in February 2006 stating that he had only been fulfilling the orders of his bosses. He joined politics and since 2003 he had been the governor of the state Sao Paolo.
    Immediately I had to play Manifest from the brilliant album Chaos A.D. by the well known brazilian band Sepultura, which is about the Carandiru massacre '92.

    "And we can spend our whole lives waiting
    For some thunderbolt to come