• Hey, it's an inexplicably long survey!

    9 avr. 2010, 5h01m par hifromneptune

    The Ultimate Music Survey

    Tadaa! Motivation: too much study, both already done and still to do. *headdesk*

    Let’s start with the good stuff.

    What is your favorite genre of music?
    Okay. I'm consciously squashing the 'impossible question' response... What about 'singer-songwriter'? Yes?

    Because it's open enough (but accurate if you go by tags), and because I love the idea of music as self-expression.

    Name your favorite band(s).
    Runrig, because of my dad. Lots of power and positivity, lots of guitar, and just a little bit of almost-preachy social commentary. All good stuff. :-)

    What is your favorite album?
    Waiting For You, by Gordon Lightfoot, eternally, for silly emotional reasons. I love the bluesy feel, the crispness, the mellow, melancholy guitar and his gorgeous husky voice. The - is it a triangle? - the tinkly thing in Ring Them Bells, too - it gives me shivers.

    Name your favorite song(s).
    Sticking to those available on
    1. William Fitzsimmons' - Passion Play