• A Ripping Yarn

    23 jan. 2007, 18h43m par chalcemon

    It's been a while since the last journal entry, mainly because I have devoted nearly all of my time towards finishing my book (it almost done!). I last ripped a couple of cds at the end of last month. I just haven't had the time or mental energy to write it up. I'm reaching the point where I want to rip some more stuff to my hard drive, so I need to get these two cds off of my desk.

    I finished ripping my River City Brass Band collection (I don't think there are any more albums lurking on my shelves). This last one is Heartland. It's quite different from most of RCBB's other albums, as it moves away from the pops concert format. The tracks on this cd are modern brass concert pieces, from composers like Joseph Wilcox Jenkins, Philip Sparke, and James Curnow. Good stuff!

    The second cd was from my extensive collection of Russian music. It is a collection of Mikhail Glinka works recorded by the Tchaikovsky Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra. …
  • In a Nutshell

    28 déc. 2006, 2h08m par chalcemon

    My last ripping project was a 2-cd set of piano music by Percy Grainger. This is volume one of a project recorded by Leslie Howard. I never did get any of the later volume(s), though this one contains a lot of Grainger's most famous works (sadly, no Shepherd's Hey--though that may be a blessing; the hey is one of those tunes that sticks in your head a long time after hearing it).

    My favorite track in this set is Hard-Hearted Barb'ra (H)ellen. I love the simplicity of the arrangement. It's very haunting. This set also includes the Mock Morris and The Immovable Do. Another one I like from this set that isn't as well known is In Dahomey.

    While I've listened to this group quite a bit, I've still been in a brass mood lately. I've scrobbled quite a bit of my River City Brass Band collection, as well as Black Dyke Mills Band. I still have a few cds of both left to rip onto my hard drive. I'm not sure what I'll add next, though.
  • Building my library

    7 déc. 2006, 19h13m par chalcemon

    I've been ripping cds to build my library on my computer. I figured that I should start writing this up in a journal. As long as the feature is here, I might as well use it.

    Yesterday, I added Concert in the Park. This has a lot of good brass band tracks, including several marches by John Philip Sousa. River City Brass Band still performs a lot of these numbers at their concerts. I heard them do 12th Street Rag in October. It always goes over well with an audience.

    Today I ripped an album of music by Anatol Liadov. I also wrote a description for him and uploaded a picture. I guess I was ambitious. The album is pretty obscure, as Windows Media Player couldn't find it in its database. I had to enter all of the tracks manually. Liadov is unfortunately a rather obscure composer. There are myriad ways of writing his name, but none of them had a bio here. He was a student of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and he was a strong member of the Russian nationalist school of composers. …