• Top 10 survey

    10 jui. 2009, 15h38m par mely_kc

    Take your current Top 10 artists and list the first song you heard, the one that made you fall in love and your current favourite.

    1. Slowdive
    First song I heard: Machine Gun
    Fell in love with: When the Sun Hits
    Current Favourite: Souvlaki Space Station

    2. Ride
    First song I heard: Twisterella
    Fell in love with: Seagull
    Current favourite: Nowhere (live Reading festival 1992)

    3. Catherine Wheel
    First song I heard: I Want To Touch You
    Fell in love with: Bill And Ben
    Current favourite: Car

    4. The Stone Roses
    First song I heard: Made of Stone
    Fell in love with: Made of Stone
    Current favourite: damn, same song.

    5. The Jesus and Mary Chain
    First song I heard: Just Like Honey
    Fell in love with: Just like honey
    Current favourite: Frequency

    6. My Bloody Valentine
    First song I heard: Loomer
    Fell in love with: I Only Said
    Current favourite: I only said

    7. Airiel
    First song I heard: Thinktank
    Fell in love with: Where It Belongs
  • leave them all behind

    10 jan. 2009, 12h08m par blankagain


    I was 20 - an adult. Of sorts. I had been in employment for a year. I maintained contact with many of my old school friends, and during those days my pleasure was derived at the end of a pint glass with most of them. The yin yang of responsible adulthood and the irrelevance of youthful exuberance. My days were spent at work, my nights and weekends in a drunken mess of silliness. Much of the remainder was spent, quite diligently, in music.

    The NME, the Melody Maker and John Peel on the radio.

    I would go out, be it the pub, a party or a nightclub, always wearing (if dress codes allowed) a music based t-shirt. That was my identity. I would be somewhere, often a place far removed from the world of indie, often a drunken mess amongst neon lights and the latest 'club' sounds of the day, enjoying myself with my peers yes, but also showing my true colours, telling the world who I really was and what really motivated, connected and excited me, secretly hoping that someone would somehow recognise everything going on my head…
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Mark Gardener (of Ride fame) kicked ass

    21 sept. 2005, 5h22m par p090

    I got the pleasure of being up front and at the stage for the above mentioned. Mark Gardener opened to a somewhat empty house (a shame).. I was a little disappointed that only two Ride songs: Nowhere and In a Different Place were played. I really wanted to hear some Drive Blind and Leave them all behind. I did catch the bonus guitarist at the bar during the BRMC set. He told me I have to stop living in the past. Come on! those are CLASSIC tunes! Regardless, BRMC was great and some of the nearby fans did appreciate I saw the Ride boys back in '91 at the same venue (which Mark himself seemed to remember).

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club hit the stage with Peter solo on the acoustic and the guitar for a few tracks off Howl and the others eventually came on stage and really did the job well.

    I was really pleased a good 90 minutes of rock and way way way better than their opening gig for Spiritualized a year or so back..

    I left satisfied. …