• Recommendation #59 [Fabric 53 - Mixed by Surgeon]

    17 sept. 2010, 15h26m par ofLogic

    Fabric 53 - Mixed by Surgeon

    These days, in the insulated world of electronic music, the
    cyclical journey from obscurity to oversaturation to
    insignificance (and, of course, back again) often happens in the
    space of a year. It's all too easy to get numbed by minutae or
    otherwise lead astray away by the fickle whirlwind of hype.
    Rummaging through the 15 year discography of the unrelenting,
    steadfast techno legend Surgeon - and tracing the vast odyssey
    of his creative exploration - breeds a rare feeling of discovery.
    And genuine artistry. Surgeon (a.k.a. Anthony Child) stands tall
    as a true individual in the leagues of electronic music history,
    with seminal, landmark releases bounded only by raw passion and
    a transcendentally deep imagination.

    Flicking easily from the heavy, sheets of sound produced by his
    old school contemporaries, Surgeon fuses the old with the new on
    fabric 53, creating connections between the oppressing and the