• R.E.M. - Murmur (1983) Review

    19 jan. 2010, 4h59m par ChrisCappello


    Well here it is. R.E.M.'s debut full length record was released in 1983, shocking fans and critics with its masterful blending of Feelies jangle-pop and haunting lyricism delivered in Michael Stipe's austere mumble. For many, the buck stops here for R.E.M. With iconic songs like Talk About the Passion and Radio Free Europe, Murmur is widely seen as the crowning achievement of the band and among the greatest and most significant debuts in music.

    Mixed so that no instrument would stand out, Murmur may not reveal its excellence upon first listen. While the album certainly has its share of on-target and upbeat college pop songs a la Chronic Town, such as the undeniably catchy and equally indecipherable Catapult and the single Radio Free Europe, which was re-recorded for the album at the request of I.R.S. records, Murmur's genius lies in the tracks in which the band steps back and sets their angst aside.

    "Take a turn, Take our fortune"
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    25 mars 2007, 8h27m par wh1tep0ny

    I watched the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony this week and was very happy to see R.E.M. onstage together the way they belong with Bill Berry back behind the kit. I don't know if there has ever been a more under-rated musician in a bigger band in the history of music. John Paul Jones (the best thing about Zep) is a close 2nd in this catagory. Not only is Bill one of the most solid drummers around his tasteful chops always serve the song and at times made what could of been ordinary pop songs have a unique angle on many early R.E.M. records. Songs such as 9-9 from Murmur and Harborcoat off Reckoning get a huge boost from Bill's off kilter beats. Not to mention the fact he is resonsible for atleast 2 of their greatest numbers Perfect Circle and Everybody Hurts.

    Anyway I obviously couldn't pick just one so here is my

    Top 10 R.E.M. Tracks

    You Are The Everything
    Perfect Circle
    Country Feedback
    Shaking Through
    Sweetness Follows
    Imitation Of Life
    King Of Birds
    Find The River