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    1 jan. 2007, 23h02m par TowerU

    Let's meditate on what another year in music brought us. Or at least, what it brought me specifically.
    I'm not going on about all the discoveries I made this year (I thought it was a lot until I joined Music Advice Center now it's plain ridiculous), but about songs and albums that actually saw the light of day or enjoyed success past year.

    We had...

    The Open Door
    Sure, Evanescence did a good job on this album, but it lacks. I like the album, but there aren't many moments that really stick with me. There's one really wonderful track on though: Lacrymosa. If there's one thing to remember about this album, it's that song.

    A Twist in the Myth
    Another fantastic album by Blind Guardian. Could perhaps use a little more diversity. I can't really pinpoint a must-hear moment here.

    Comments of the Inner Chorus
    Am I glad I discovered Tunng. This must be some of the best electronica I heard in the past five years (and believe me, I've heard lots). Every moment on Comments of the Inner Chorus is a great one.