• Favourite albums

    27 nov. 2010, 17h44m par florianblaschke

    Meant as an indication of my current taste (not that it has changed a real lot in the past few years, compare my profile on Pandora). These are all albums that I really, honestly enjoy without having to force myself or anything. I tried to limit the list to a single album per artist, but indicated cases where I found it really hard to decide.

    Note that in most cases, I'm not familiar with the artist's entire back catalogue, so I'm probably missing out on a lot of great albums that I'd agree are better than the ones I'm listing here, so I'm far from claiming that those are the artist's best work overall in every case, but I'm confident that every album is a decent representation of the artist's work. Also note that I've left out a few albums that are still too new for me in my opinion to judge whether they belong into a list of all-time favourites. This is part of the reason why this list is slightly biased towards older albums, but not the only reason, as I do find myself preferring the early work of established acts in many cases. …