• The Revolution Project (Opera of Innovation)

    3 avr. 2006, 14h41m par RyanManDS

    So I was working as normal the other day, and I had Revolution stuck in my head. It's a great song, so I didn't mind it being there. But then I was struck by a stroke of genius. Maybe not genius per se, but it was at least an interesting means to an end.

    Lately I've been "trying out" all sorts of new music in an effort to expand both my library and my tastes. You know, diversity and all. But it was then, while I was pulling shit back and forth (as that is pretty much all of my job) that I came up with my ingenious plan to find a whole load of music at once. There were three phases involved in my plan, much like how the Underpants Gnomes operate.

    Phase one was already complete by the time I rightly began the project. It was simply to come up with a single word. For various reasons (Mostly because I'm getting hyped about the Nintendo Revolution (Yeah I'm a nerd, so sue me)), I chose the word "revolution" as my key word. It would play a very vital role in my plan.
  • The 100-to-1 Group's Artist of the Week: Pantera

    26 sept. 2005, 22h53m par Ullic

    Well folks, it looks we finally have some charts to see in the 100-to-1 Group! And if I counted correctly, Pantera is in position 100 on our overall charts making them our Artist of the Week! So choose your favourite Pantera tune (or the one you hate the least, I suppose) and play it sometime this week. I will contribute to the cause with either Revolution Is My Name or Cat Scratch Fever.