• The Irish are coming!

    7 oct. 2007, 10h27m par Tuokku

    And they've got Uilleann pipes.

    The annual Irish festival opened on Thursday and closes today. I'm not sure how many years this thing has been going on; I discovered it last year when I went to see a trio of two Irishmen and a Finn (filling in on guitar and bodhrán for their piper who was unable to come to Finland). I was most impressed by their skill and devotion, and also by the enthusiasm with which the local crowd received them. The Irish music scene around here is surprisingly vital and the local folks know good music when they hear it, which might help explain how the festival manages to attract such cool artists from the heartland itself.

    On Thursday evening there was a pub song sing-along in one of my favourite bars, but I missed it because it was rehearsal night for one of my bands. On Friday I felt no great urge to go anywhere, but on Saturday I went to see a group from County Galway called RíRá. Just like last year with the Irish-Finnish trio…
  • Going to the Buffalo Irish Fest today -- Paddy Keenan!

    26 août 2007, 17h18m par burlapwax

    So, bands on the agenda today:
    Paddy Keenan (piper from the Bothy Band)
    Glengarry Bhoys
    Dublin City Ramblers
    and local bands including The Dustmen, Penny Whiskey, and Kindred.

    Can't wait to see Scythian again -- and this is the first time for me for Glengarry. But Paddy Keenan? Friggin' awesome.