• Osvajaci (The Conquerors, english ), Serbian heavy metal of the 90s

    6 fév. 2006, 23h59m par m0mA

    "Osvajaci" are one of the greatest hard'n'heavy bands in Serbia. They are from city of Kragujevac, founded by ex-Bijelo Dugme keyboard player Laza Ristovski and guitar player Dragan Urosevic, along with vocal Zvonko Pantovic (nicknamed Cipi, Chipi). In the early 90s they had many great songs and power ballads. One of the best are "Maska", "S kim cekas dan", "Gde da pobegnem". Group was broken in late 90s and Zvonko Pantovic used name "Osvajaci" for his own project, combining pop, ethno and other non-guitar sounds. Again, in 2005. group reformed and started to work again in their first line-up, without L. Ristovski. They still play gigs in Serbia.