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The musical project O.G, has been created by Remzi Kelleci in 1996/97 in Boulogne sur mer ( FRANCE ).

Remzi Kelleci records a first demo cd in 2000 which was called "day of suffering", finally this demo won't be released (it will be essentially meant to the labels). After the lot of encouragement but no real proposition, he works on new tracks,leaving out the guitars to concentrate on the electronic.

He takes part of a springboard organized by the D-side magazine and he is selected among 300 participants.

Then all speed up with some propositions about contract. It's finally "La chambre Froide" with released his first album "yell of fright" in 2003,for an international distribution.

In 2004 his 2nd album "Son of Evil" is released by the american label "BLC Productions".This album had a good success and OG begin to be well-known in the Electro-Dark circle. He took part in many compilation and make many remix for other bands like Alien Produckt, Synaptic defect, Hiv+, Grendel…

Autumn 2005, OG is back with his 3rd album "tomb of the dead", it's more violent and dancefloor album. OG took the decision to manage his band himself under the name of Mortuary records. "Tomb of the dead" have had very good feedback from radios,magazines,webzines etc… and have known success with more and more fans everywhere in the world especially because of the explosion of Myspace.

As a result OG is regulary played on EBM/industrial radios,parties in the whole world .
Between 2006/2008 OG have take part in several compilations,done remixes for internationals bands as Circus of dead squirells,Dope stars inc ,Technophobia,Vigilante etc…

OG has begun to make concerts with a line up especially for live show, Remzi as singer + 1 guitar player + 1 bass player +1 laptop dj.
OG have played in several European cities like GENEVA(Suisse) , AMSTERDAM (Pays-Bas), BRUGE (Belgique), LILLE, BRIGHTON (Angleterre), NEWPORT (Pays de Galle), LJUBLJANA (Slovénie), MARSEILLA, PARIS, COPPENHAGUE (Danemark), TRONDHEIM Norvège), NANCY, STRASBOURG etc… and has begun to compose the 4th album "Erection Body Mutilated".

After some bad experiences and waste of time because of label which was supposed to release the 4th album in 2007 but didn't do it without reason. OG had to put an end to the contract that's the way OG has signed again with it's last label and friend BLC Productions (USA) to release this new album. It will be released normally this winter in double CD with full of remixes (Joachim Witt, Out out, Heimataerde, Cyber axis, Steril, FGFC 820, Vigilante, Inertia, Xentrifuge, etc…).

OG will start an Europa tour at the beginning of 2009 to promote this album. OG came back to the OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF Mutilated tour in EUROPE. OG has played during 3 weeks in these cities ROUEN, NANTES, BORDEAUX, BELGRADE (Serbie), SOFIA (Bulgarie), PLOVDIV (Bulgarie), SARAJEVO (Bosnie Herzégovine), RIJEKA (Croatie), RONCHI DEI LEGIONARI (Italie), MONTPELLIER, PERPIGNAN and other dates in MARANGE SILVANGE (FR),OPOLE (Pologne), WROCLAW (Pologne), EERNEGEM (Belgique), ANTWERPEN (Belgique), DOUAI (FR), LUZERN (Suisse), BOULOGNE SUR MER (FR), and played at RAISMES FEST 2009 edition in France with Pain and DYNAMO Festival in EINDHOVEN (Netherland).

The band just finished recording of the 5th album, produced by Andy Classen at the Stage One Studio.
This record will mark a turnover in the music of Obszön Geschöpf with radically more violent and Metal sound.

"Symphony of Decay" will be released on 08/27/2010 by the german label Twilight Vertrieb.


Stay tuned !


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