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Forming in 1989, it wouldn't be until 1992, that the metal world would be introduced to Novembers Doom. An early deal with Regress Records of Italy, allowed Avantgarde of Italy to hear the band. This recording was heavy, combined with moods of darkness and despair. The 2 songs would lead to the release of the bands full length debut CD "Amid It's Hallowed Mirth" on Avantgarde / Nuclear Blast. Exploring and expanding, the band adds female backing vocals and continues its thick, eerie brand of metal. A compilation track for Pavement Music soon followed. In 1997, Novembers Doom released the EP "For Every Leaf That Falls." The mini album was received well, leading to favorable reviews and response worldwide. Novembers Doom has since released their second full length album "Of Sculptured Ivy And Stone Flowers," with Martyr Music Group, Inc. This new offering had received rave reviews.

In May of 2000, Novembers Doom entered the recording studio once again, to record the follow up to "Of Sculptured Ivy And Stone Flowers." The band has recorded "The Knowing" with Studio One's Chris Djuricic. The CD is an extension of the previous material, only taking steps in new directions to enhance their already original sound. This CD is everything you would expect from this band, and so much more.

Enter Dark Symphonies. In July of 2000, Novembers Doom officially became a member of Dark Symphonies. Realizing the bands potential, they constructed a deal with Martyr Music Group, to include the band on its roster, releasing "The Knowing" to the public.

Now, with their third full length release receiving praise from every corner of the globe, and a European licensed release of the CD through Pavement Music, Novembers Doom secured themselves as one of the top bands in their style in America.

In October 2002, Novembers Doom entered the studio to begin work on their second full length of new material for Dark Symphonies. The bands fourth full length opus would be entitled "To Welcome the Fade," only this time they recruited the talents of the Grammy award winning producer, Neil Kernon. Kernon, best known for his work with acts like Hall and Oates, Kansas, Yes, Queensryche, Judas Priest, and more recently Nevermore and Cannibal Corpse, brought a new power and clarity to the sound of the band. This album was chosen as the "Number One metal album of 2002" in METAL MANIACS magazine by one of its head editors, Novembers Doom was also a featured cover story on their January 2003 issue.

2004 became a year of many special events for Novembers Doom, which included doing a successful tour in North America with The Gathering, and eventually leading to their signing with the prestigious The End Records that summer. The band entered the studio in the fall to record their fifth and most ambitious album to date, "The Pale Haunt Departure." This time around the band enlisted the help of the very respected producer / artist Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity / Bloodbath / Nightingale) for the mixing duties, and the mastering went to none other than legendary metal guitarist / producer James Murphy (Testament, Obituary, Disincarnate). Scheduled for an March 2005 release worldwide, "The Pale Haunt Departure" looks to take Novembers Doom even further in the world of metal, with plans to tour in support of the disc in 2005, and early plans to release a DVD in the near future. "The Pale Haunt Departure" is an amazing array of musical soundscapes that are dark yet beautiful and delivers a sonic balance that is subtle yet crushing all at once. Never to rest on their laurels and settle comfortably into any specific musical niche or "scene," Novembers Doom continue to forge ahead, meshing diverse musical styles and textures in the pursuit of always creating a new and unique listening experience with each new release, while retaining their heavy sound and signature lyrics that they've become known and respected for. 2005 looks to be the year that Novembers Doom will firmly establish themselves as the top U.S. band of their kind.

In 2006, Novembers Doom once again entered the studio to record the follow up to 2005's "The Pale Haunt Departure." The philosophy was simple… If it isn't broken, don't fix it. Sessions for "The Novella Reservoir" began with Chris Djuricic once again engineering and co-producing, also taking up the recording of the Bass guitar. Mixed by the highly respected Dan Swano, and mastered again by legendary James Murphy, "The Novella Reservoir" was completed, becoming the bands greatest audible onslaught yet. Taking their musical direction to the next logical step in their evolution, Novembers Doom has broken free from their past genre labels, to create a modern dark metal CD influenced heavily by their Chicago 90's death metal roots. "The Novella Reservoir" is easily the bands most aggressive CD to date, and will, without a doubt concrete them as one of the top bands of their genre.

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