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NEULANDER is Adam Peters and Korinna Knoll. They are based in New York City.

In the early 80’s Adam Peters began as keyboard player and orchestral arranger in ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN. Since then he has been associated musician, arranger or producer with BETH ORTON, FAMILY OF GOD, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, LLOYD COLE and THE TRIFFIDS amongst others. He has also written film scores and made the music for the cult tv series "Disinfo Nation". Singer/artist Korinna Knoll, is originally from Austria. She graduated in Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany. Korinna then moved on to New York where she met up with Adam.

Adam and Korinna began writing together in 2002. As the songs and ideas took shape so NEULANDER came into being. With a handful of shows around New York, an extraordinary gig at a castle in Sweden, and an exciting debut recording has already led to the New York Times as describing Neulander as a hot tip for 2003. "Neu taking on The Human League in battle" "Neulander are melodic, unusually cool and slightly aloof".

NEULANDERs debut recording "Sex, God + Money" (disko B 119, efa 27919-6) already made it into the Playlists of the likes of JOHN PEEL and got praise like "Four marvelous songs, of which every single one is a perl. I wished it would never stop. Neulander make us desire more." (de:bug/germany) or "The spiritual heirs to Kraftwerk - if only Kraftwerk allowed soul and emotion into their lives - New York’s Neulander are about to depose Client as the epitome of clinical electro chic. A duo, Adam Peters (ex-Family Of God) and Korinna Knoll, they unashamedly steal synth riffs from The Human League, yet make them sound like the future. Given the plethora of other bands doing exactly the same thing, this alone is an indicator that something very special is going on here. (logo/uk)".

Neulander write strong and defined songs whilst using deconstructed electronic arrangements. The music and the voice mesh together creating a timeless and almost ancient quality. The lyrics seem to suggest Russian poetry colliding with an abstract and personal response to the confusion of 21century media culture.

A drum machine, 2 keyboards, a cello, a boy and a girl in gigantic baroque luscious minimalist overdrive.

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